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National HE STEM Programme

In the academic years 2010/11 and 2011/12, the MSOR Network supported 32 projects in HE curriculum development with around £250k of funding as part of the Mathematical Sciences Strand of the National HE STEM Programme. Below you can find the resultant reports, arranged into themed booklets, and further details about this project.


Here is a list of publications produced by the MSOR Network under this project and by the supported projects. Three links are given for backup reasons:

  • mathcentre” or “project link”: intended to be the primary link;
  • “mathstore”: a copy on the MSOR Network website;
  • “mathshe blog”: a copy on this blog.

Published by the MSOR Network

Summary of work in mathematical sciences HE curriculum innovation
Summaries of work coordinated by the Maths, Stats and OR Network, working with the Institute of Mathematics  and its Applications as part of the National HE STEM Programme.
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HE Mathematics Curriculum Summit
Summaries of the debate, talks and discussions, with recommendations of current priorities for curriculum development in mathematical sciences from the HE Mathematics Curriculum Summit (Jan 2011).
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Developing Graduate Skills in HE Mathematics Programmes: Case Studies of Successful Practice
A variety of short case studies providing examples of ways in which specific graduate skills have been successfully developed through curricular initiatives.
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Further Work Developing Graduate Skills in HE Mathematics Programmes
Work inspired by the Developing Graduate Skills booklet and work delivering mathematics-specific equivalents to generic advice on communication skills.
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Graduates’ Views on the Undergraduate Mathematics Curriculum
Report of a survey to understand graduates’ perspectives on the undergraduate mathematics curriculum.
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Employer Engagement in Undergraduate Mathematics
Work focusing on developing graduate and employability skills by involving employers in the curriculum.
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Student-centred Approaches in Mathematics
Work in student support, transition to university, retention and inclusive curricula, all from a ‘student-centred’ approach.
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Good Practice on Inclusive Curricula in the Mathematical Sciences
Reports from academic staff, professional support staff, disability researchers and students on specific accessibility challenges in mathematical sciences beyond those usually considered in generic good practice advice.
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Maths Arcade: stretching and supporting mathematical thinking
Guide to setting up and case studies of running Maths Arcades, an innovative support initiative, at several universities.
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Being a Professional Mathematician
Resources to encourage students’ awareness of what it means to be a mathematician and of the development of mathematics.
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History of Mathematics in the Higher Education Curriculum
Guide to using history of mathematics in various contexts in HE, particularly as a tool to engage students.
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Media Enhanced Teaching and Learning: case studies and evidence of effective use
Using recordings in teaching, learning and assessment: how, why and what effect on student learning?
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MSOR Connections Special Issue
Work in progress from the Mathematical Sciences HE Curriculum Innovation Project.
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Published by supported projects

Mapping University Mathematics Assessment Practices
Report identifying good practice and exploring the potential for changing to use more innovative assessment.
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Teaching Problem-solving in Undergraduate Mathematics
Good practice guide to developing, teaching and assessing problem solving.
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A Pilot for a Shared On-line Statistics Advisory Service
Report of a pilot to offer statistics support to students at several universities via a shared online service.
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During this project, Peter Rowlett made regular updates via the Mathematical Sciences HE Curriculum Innovation blog and short, occasional audio updates were made via a podcast: get the Mathematical Sciences HE Curriculum Innovation Project Podcast by RSS or find the podcast on iTunes.

Get a list of all projects supported by the Mathematical Sciences Strand Curriculum Innovation Fund.

The following pages carry information relating to the strands of activity, for which more information is available:

About the National HE STEM Programme

The National HE STEM Programme was funded by the Higher Education Funding Councils for England and Wales and sought to support Higher Education Institutions in encouraging the exploration of new approaches to recruiting students and delivering programmes of study. It enabled the transfer of good practice across the HE STEM sector, facilitated its wider adoption, and encouraged innovation. Through collaboration and shared working, the Programme focused upon sustainable activities to achieve long-term impact within the HE sector. Find out more about the Programme and its activities via the HE STEM website.

The Mathematical Sciences Strand of the National HE STEM Programme was operated by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications on behalf of a group of societies and others in the mathematical sciences which also included the Royal Statistical Society, the London Mathematical Society and the Heads of Departments of Mathematical Sciences (HoDoMS). The IMA was assisted on HE curriculum innovation by the MSOR Network. The HE curriculum innovation activities explored current learning, teaching and assessment practices within mathematical sciences departments, and disseminated good practice. This component fits into a wider programme of activity in mathematical sciences, where the IMA worked on integration and diversity, employer engagement and, with sigma, on mathematical sciences support. Find out more about the Mathematical Sciences Strand from the IMA website.

HE Curriculum Innovation

Within the Mathematical Sciences Strand, the MSOR Network was responsible for HE Curriculum Innovation - exploring current learning, teaching and assessment practices within mathematical sciences departments, and disseminating good practice. This activity was coordinated by Peter Rowlett as HE Curriculum Innovation Advisor.